Prospect Tracker

The prospect tracker is intended to keep fundraisers focused on their most promising opportunities – or the major gifts that have the best chance of closing in the near term.  They will spend most of their time with these prospects. This spreadsheet will help determine the most efficient path to move prospects through the donor pipeline. By completing the tracker at the beginning of each month, select those prospects with upcoming gifts to close and determine next steps to make it happen.

Quarterly Review

The quarterly review is a snap shot of a fundraiser’s progress in terms of metrics and asks. This is a great exercise for managers to review regularly with their direct reports or for a fundraiser to do themselves to make sure they are on track with visits and upcoming asks and closes. By completing this report quarterly instead of only once or twice a year, a fundraiser can determine more regularly where they are and where they need to be.

Pathway to a Gift

Everyone knows that when a major gift comes to fruition, it is never the work of just one fundraiser. It takes a team to partner across an organization to identify and cultivate a prospect towards an area they are passion about. This process can take several years and multiple points of engagement. So when the gift finally happens, it is important to properly thank those internal partners that helped during the process. One way to acknowledge these important collaborators is with a “Pathway to a Gift.” These are visual diagrams that include the high level engagements and helpful partners that led to the gift. The “Pathway to a Gift” diagram should be emailed out to everyone mentioned in it. Below is a link to a blank pathway that you can fill out!