Major Gifts Coaching

This isn’t a workshop or webinar where you learn a fundraising technique and barely remember it a week later. Efficient Major Gifts Coaching is a service where we work with fundraisers on a one-on-one basis to first create a fundraising plan that gets them laser focused on their priority prospects. Then we help the fundraiser implement the plan through sessions that dive into proven strategies to efficiently move prospects towards a major gift. Efficient Major Gifts Coaching is a six month process with one hour coaching sessions that happen twice a month.

Get your fundraisers working efficiently, focusing on what matters and closing more major gifts. Learn more below.

Create an Efficient Plan of Work

We first meet with the fundraiser to create a plan of work using our spreadsheet tool that will prioritize their prospect pool based on gift timing and include the next step of engagement. This spreadsheet will become their guide to keeping them focused on the gifts that have the best chance to close.

Get More Visits with Focused Engagement Strategies

With a fundraising plan in place, we will meet with the fundraiser twice a month to talk through the progress of the plan. During these sessions we will outline strategies to engage top prospects to get them towards a major gift ask quicker. This includes techniques such as using Advisory boards, meetings with leadership and speaking engagements.

Make More Major Gift Asks and Closes

It is a fact that the more major gift asks happen, the better year you will have. We work with fundraisers on asking for major gifts sooner and for larger amounts than anticipated. After the ask is made, we help with proven strategies to help get the prospect to sign the major gift commitment.