Forward Fundraisers collaborates with your advancement team on all aspects of the fundraising process to ensure effective strategies are in place. Each university is different, therefore training workshops should be customized to recognize those differences.

The process starts by us learning more about your university so that we can personalize the workshops. After gathering all the information about your school, we can host customized workshops to help your staff understand the best practices for fundraising. These workshops can be done virtually or in person with your fundraising team. Workshops to choose from include:

How to Qualify Prospects that Lead to More Major Gift Prospects

Continually refreshing your donor portfolios is essential for fundraising success at any university. We teach a step-by-step process for the proper way to qualify prospects that will be your next major gift donors. We also give you sample emails that will get a response and visits.

How to Make an Engagement Plan that Creates Massively Loyal Donors

Creatively engaging prospects towards the strengths of your university is crucial for raising big money. We talk through an extensive list of engagement activities and then how to organize the activities into tiered levels to gradually bring prospects towards heightened affinity. We also show you a spreadsheet tool that your MGO’s can use to efficiently manage their portfolio and move prospect through various steps of engagement.

Essential Strategies To Escalate Your Major Gift Commitments

It is critical that every fundraiser knows the most effective strategies to make the ask and close the gift. We work through various techniques that are effective for getting the donor to sign on the dotted line at your school. In particular, we look at making the right ask and then motivating prospects to make the commitment.

Critical Techniques to Get Bigger Gifts From Your Donors

With budgets tight, every university needs to be getting bigger gifts from their donor pool. For example, if a donor wants to make a $100,000 gift, how do you push them to make it a $250,000? Some of the strategies we will dive into include multiyear pledges, corporate matches, memorial gifts, endowing annual gifts, groups gifts, mixed gifts and utilizing leadership.

Best Practices to Steward Donors Towards Their Next Gift

Your universities next big gift might come from a previous donor. But this only happens with creative stewardship plans in place. We work on finding the best ways to thank your donors while keeping them up-to-date on the gifts impact.

Training Videos

As a complement to the workshops, we also have case study videos that your advancement team will watch after each session. These videos further drive home points made in the workshops. The case study videos focus on start to finish stories of how various major gifts were closed. These are particularly effective, as your staff will learn the exact step-by-step strategies that will lead to success. View a sample case study video.

If you are interested in learning how Forward Fundraisers can bring your university to another level of success, contact us at the link below.