Securing qualification visits with potential major gift prospects can be challenging and flat out exasperating at times. You are dealing with busy people that have numerous competing priorities, none of which may be yours. So how do you make an impression and get on their calendar? As a fundraiser, you need to craft a highly effective message. One that grabs their attention and outlines the value of meeting with you. Let’s dissect the three areas of an effective qualification email to help you land a visit.

Your subject line is the first impression your email will make on your recipient – so make it count! Then your first two sentences should grab their attention and deliver a captivating incentive for your prospect to read more. Your open rate will depend on a good hook – so be creative.

Next you must succinctly outline the details and benefits of meeting in the body of your message. The most effective benefits include your prospect’s personal interests and/or career interests. Make your prospect feel that the meeting will be worth their time.

Time is precious. The more convenient you can make it for your prospect, the greater the likelihood they will commit to a meeting. Provide a specific time frame – even offer to meet at their office. This will make scheduling easier and will show your prospect that you value their time as well. Remember – keep the meeting time short and sweet – no more than 20 minutes.

So what you are waiting for!? Start reaching out to your next major gift prospect!

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