The path to a major gift can be a long process that spans multiple years. During this time, numerous activities are taking place to engage a prospect towards a specific project or area of interest. These engagement activities must be done strategically to ensure a prospect gives at their highest gift potential. With this in mind, it is important your fundraising staff knows the paths of engagement that are uniquely suited for your university.

Story Time

One of the most effective ways to learn the proper fundraising process at a university is to learn from previous success. This can be done by having your major gift fundraisers tell the start to finish stories of their best gifts. These case studies should detail the identification, cultivation and solicitation strategies utilized for each prospect. They should go into specifics such as key campus partners and the activities that were essential to moving the prospect forward. It is important that your whole staff learns from these stories – not just the front line fundraisers.

The Outcome

The result is that your entire staff knows the most effective fundraising techniques that work best for your university. With a unified fundraising culture in place, maximum gifts can be achieved – and these stories will help achieve that. Watch the video of below of a sample case study of a major gift coming to fruition!

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